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Edgars online shopping is back but with a limited Range from our Beauty and cellular departments.We are working hard to get more products online but most of all better your experience. Please be patient with us through this process.

Edgars Pricing

Edgars Statement

We acknowledge our customers’ queries regarding the price tags on promotional items in certain Edgars stores. After a thorough investigation and due consideration, we have embarked on a process of improving how we tag our products going forward.
Based on queries raised in social media, Edgars has created a ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ section on our website to explain why some products may undergo price changes. Please refer to and click on ‘Edgars Pricing’.
We apologise for the fact that price tags on some of our promotional items have been unclear, with varying price points visible. This has been due to human and process errors and was unintentional.
From the 3rd September 2015, Edgars is launching a ‘Guaranteed 75% Off’ sale on millions of items nationwide. Although there might still be a small proportion of price tagging issues, we can assure our customers that this unprecedented discount will be honoured at our till points.
Edgars has a legacy of delivering the best possible value to customers through our promotions, and we are committed to this objective going forward.

Why do some products in our stores undergo price changes?

There are four main reasons why customers may observe multiple prices on a single product:
a. Pricing adjustments, both up and down, are made by all retailers in response to market conditions.
b. To meet the demand for popular items, we reorder them from our suppliers around the world. We are thus subject to price fluctuations caused by the weakened Rand, together with other inflation costs on the same item.
c. During our special offers, additional red price stickers are often added to the original price tag to identify items that are discounted.
d. Occasional errors and system shortfalls can also result in the pricing on our products being incorrect and/or unclear.

Why does a single price tag carry multiple price stickers?

Every product in store has a unique ID number (the industry term for this is a ‘SKU’), which is linked to the barcode;
When popular products are re-ordered during the season (refer to question above), the merchandise is delivered to stores with the original price tag attached. Our stores therefore have to manually mark out the old price and update the price tag with a sticker. In the instance where a price has not been properly marked out, please refer this matter to the till operator.

What does the Consumer Protection Act (CPA) say about this?

Even though every seller is within their rights to fairly adjust their prices, the CPA states that if two prices are visible on a product and the seller has not made an adequate attempt to mark out or remove the old price, the consumer has the right to pay the lower price.

RCS/Edgars Accounts

Have Edgars accounts become RCS accounts

Yes. Retailability has acquired the Edgars stores, and RCS acquired the Edgars credit account business. Most Edgars account holders have been migrated to the RCS system and will have received communication from them, explaining this as well as the key benefits of the RCS card, including:

  • Up to 55 days interest-free credit when you settle your outstanding balance in full
  • Affordable monthly instalments and flexible payment options: Revolving 24- or 36-months budget plan for purchases of R600 or more
  • Access to exclusive offers and promotions
  • Manage your account anywhere, anytime with the RCS app available on Google Play and the Apple App Store
  • Free SMS notification of all purchases for your security
  • Free monthly statement via email or SMS
  • Customer Protection Insurance for your peace of mind

Please contact RCS on 0860 111 826 or [email protected] for assistance or more information.

Can I still pay my account in store?

Yes, you can. You can also make regular purchases, effect refunds, and check your account balance at any one of our stores. For additional queries, please contact the new administrators of our accounts, RCS. You can contact RCS on 0860 111 826 or [email protected]. We thank you sincerely for bearing with us as we work towards the best Edgars experience yet.

Can I still use my Edgars account card?

Great news, you can now use your Edgars account card at all Legit and Beaver Canoe stores, as well as all Edgars stores. Please note however you cannot pay your account at Legit or Beaver Canoe. Kindly remember that the Edgars account business was purchased by RCS, and is now being run by them. You can contact RCS on 0860 111 826 or [email protected]. We thank you for your understanding as we transition to the nest Edgars ever.

Gift Cards

How do I activate my Hollard gift card?

Kindly ensure that you have the letter enclosed with your gift card as it has all the details we require to activate your club card.
State where your gift card is coming from. e.g. Hollard
Provide the following details: Gift card number, Id number, Date on the letter (month and year), Amount on stated on the letter and lastly your Name surname and contact details.
Forward these details to the gift card department: Click Here or contact our customer experience team on 0800 20 39 25 and you will be assisted accordingly.

Does my gift card expire?

Yes, your gift card will expire after a period of 3 years, however, you are unable to have the amount transferred to a new gift card.


What are the banking details to pay my account online?

Name: Edgars
Bank: First National Bank
Account Number: 5045 1141 440
Branch Number: 251105
Account Type: Transmission account
Branch Name: Pritchard Street
Reference number: this will be your 19 digit account or card number. The Beneficiary Reference is your account number, which can be found on your statement.

Which Edgars stores have closed down?

With the sale of Edgars to Retailability, unfortunately some of our stores have been permanently closed. However, most Edgars stores have remained - and will remain - open for business, and their wonderful sales and management teams are ready to welcome you as always. Please click this link to locate your nearest Edgars store:

When can I shop online at again?

With Retailability acquiring Edgars from Edcon online shopping has been temporarily suspended while we redevelop the e-commerce platform to integrate with Retailability systems. We’re looking forward to bringing you an improved website and shopping experience - stay tuned to our social media channels to be the first to know about it.