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Calvin Klein Fragrances


One of the world's leading lifestyle brands, Calvin Klein is synonymous with authentic modern minimalist style. Everything it creates —clothing, accessories, home design—becomes a timeless classic. The label's award-winning fragrances are no exception. Calvin Klein's portfolio of bold and iconic scents continues to redefine the world of perfume.



WOMEN denotes not one, but many — a group of individuals, each with their own distinct voice. The first fragrance ever created by Raf Simons, for CALVIN KLEIN, the scent draws inspiration from the multifaceted identity of femininity today to invent a new scent. Developed with an all-female cast, the CALVIN KLEIN WOMEN campaign champions iconic women of past generations and celebrates heroines of contemporary culture. 

On the threshold of its thirtieth anniversary, a new chapter in Eternity ’s visual history is unveiled under the direction of Calvin Klein’s chief creative officer, Raf Simons. Since its debut in 1988, Eternity has upheld ideas of romance, love, intimacy and commitment through its advertising imagery. Today, those values continue with the focus very much on contemporary life.

Calvin Klein Fragrances

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