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Nothing is more personal than one’s scent. Perfume is a signature that identifies its wearer. Perfume highlights different aspects of a personality. Perfume sparks emotion. The same is even truer for MUGLER perfumes. Each fragrance is extraordinary, unique and multi-faceted - like its wearer. The visionary designer Thierry MUGLER creates exceptional fragrances, all so different and extraordinary: Angel, Angel Muse, Alien, Aura MUGLER, Womanity, A*Men, MUGLER Cologne... Those incredible fragrances full of character that are instantly recognizable. Discover MUGLER fragrances and perfumes for women, perfumes for men, as well as the fragrance-scented body care products.

We create fragrances to connect people with their emotions.
We believe in fragrances that are designed to entertain, to tempt, to thrill...
Addiction is our signature.
We are trouble makers.

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