Rose Geranium Eau de toilette 50ml
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Panier des Sens

Rose Geranium Eau de toilette 50ml

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A Land Of Flowers Overlooking The Côte D’Azur, Grasse Is Recognized As The World Capital Of Perfumery For The Quality Of Its Essences And Creations.

Panier Des Sens Celebrates The Grasse Perfumery And Its Traditional Skills, With Its Collection Based On Absolute Perfumes. Genuine High-End Perfumery Gem, An Absolute Is The Most Precious Oil Of The Vegetal Raw Material.

Absolutes Are Highly Concentrated Fragrant Natural Vegetal Extracts, Which Make It A Real Aromatic Treasure.

At The Heart Of Our Absolute Formulas, The Emblematic Raw Material Of Provence, Olive Oil Helps To Protect, Nourish And Repair The Most Sensitive Skins.

Fragrance: GERANIUM

An intense powdery floral trace, married to the green facet of Geranium.

This floral fragrance is an invitation to tenderness; it leaves an incredibly fresh trace on the skin, like an ode to the opalescence of flower petals.


SKU: 36112401-50ML
Gender: Women, Ladies
Size: 50ml
Brand: Panier des Sens