Diesel D Red Eau De Parfum
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Diesel D Red Eau De Parfum

From R850.00

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THE FRAGRANCE FOR THE MEN OF TODAY, RADICALLY THEMSELVES. D RED embodies the men of today, real, evolving and daring. Men who show their radicality and live each moment with unregretful passion.

D RED addictive scent captures the ecstasy of living the moment and owning your uniqueness. Represented by Diesel iconic Red, the fragrance of energy, passion, and unapologetic authenticity. Embrace who you are as only radical minds lasts D RED, your crazy trip of adrenaline to unleash your truest intensity.

THE SCENT OF ADDICTIVE & EXTREME HOT FRESHNESS. D RED is a unique and unexpected blend of clean freshness and warm sensuality. The fragrance liberates the energizing notes of juicy dazzling red grapefruit clashing with the extreme cleanness of bleached lavender from Provence, France. Highly contrasted with the hot sensual intensity of Sandal wood accord. A subversive scent that leaves an unforgettable long-lasting trail.

D RED so fresh, it’s hot. AN INVITATION TO LEAVE YOUR MARK WITH PASSION. Diesel reinvents the codes of fragrance with a unique take on its bottle’s design, evoking the iconic ‘Diesel For Successful Living’ logo is twisted in your hand, leaving your mark. With the iconic D logo, the cap is inspired by the rivets on a pair of distinctive Diesel jeans.

D RED breaks the mold and sets your unique imprint in a raw take of the iconic DIESEL’S red, revealing an unexpected distinctive red side that portrays the magnetic intensity and originality of the juice inside.

Showing its individuality, the red side embraces imperfection and it becomes its power. This iconic color twists the back of the bottle into a hypnotic play on perceptions as the entire glass vibrates into luminous reflections. D RED and invitation to leave your mark and set your red imprint.

SKU: 36942401
Gender: Men
Brand: Diesel
Fragrance Type: Eau de Parfum
Fragrance Sub-Family: Aromatic