Pacollection Dangerous Me Eau de Parfum 62ml
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Pacollection Dangerous Me Eau de Parfum 62ml

Only R1,450.00
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We can be heroes. we can be us. we can be. genius, fabulous, dangerous, strong, erotic, crazy me.
Dangerous me, unisex eau de parfum. sensory oriental. vanilla-infused ink. grey amber. woody vibrations. Paco Rabanne’s tattoo fragrance for men and women.

Eyes closed and flying. The night air keeps me cool. These stars are infinite, there’s safety in numbers. Life needs risk for us to feel alive. And dance, to a stellar beat. We’re here and the love is real. No cares, no worries, no tomorrows. Living in the now is the only way to be.

The Bottle:
Known for exploring new territory, Paco Rabanne creates for Pacollection an utterly avant-garde design, going beyond the expected with a new bottle that embodies a surprising metallic look.
The patented air metal™ innovation reinvents metal into a pliant material, creating a futuristic bottle that is squeezable and as light as air. Designed for nomadic spirits. Designed for nomadic spirits. Half of the innovative bottle is made of natural origin materials. Outer packaging consists of eco-sourced paper that is fully recyclable.

The Fragrance:
Dangerous me is a unisex eau de parfum. A sensory oriental fragrance.
Audacious, memorable, indelible.
A fragrance that is cold yet warm,  like a fragrant tattoo, built on the contrasting shades of ink and vanilla.
Grey amber anchors this distinctive fragrance onto vanilla infused skin. Ginger adds piquancy, and cedar tenacity, a perilous dance between contradictory impulses - rough and smooth, soft and strong.
Vibrant and daring!

SKU: 25380604-60ML
Brand: Rabanne
Fragrance Type: Eau de Parfum