Neck Cream 50ml
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Neck Cream 50ml

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The neck is often overlooked by anti-aging skin care. It is a delicate area that requires special attention, as it lacks sebaceous glands, is exposed to environmental damage (sun, wind, friction from clothing, etc.), and the support muscles of the neck are less resistant than those of the face. With age, the skin on the neck is therefore more vulnerable to creping and sagging. Loss of firmness in this area results in a creased appearance and less defined contouring.

The Neck Cream - Enriched Formula - meets the specific needs of those wishing to firm and refine their neck, which is showing signs of aging, and recover more defined contouring. The formula combines four major actions to preserve the beauty of this fragile area.
1. Immediate Tightening Effect
Oat seed extract, "3D toner" active ingredient, creates a continuous and elastic film on the surface of the skin, for an immediate “lifting” sensation. The combination of extracts of Rhatany and Lady’s Mantle, with astringent properties, helps to reinforce the immediate tightening effect.

2. Intensive Firming Action
Soy fiber extract promotes the synthesis of skin molecules* (including collagen) to fight loss of firmness and improve skin tone. It is combined with Vitamin E Acetate, an anti-oxidant active ingredient that protects from oxidative stress.

3. Unique Refining Action
This formula is enriched with a powerful cocktail of refining active ingredients to redefine the neck and promote perfect dimensions. Caffeine is combined with Red Algae extract and Horse Chestnut extract for visible action both on reducing the flesh fold beneath the chin and on the remodeling of the contouring. 

4. Moisturizing and Nourishing Action
Shea butter, Glycerin of vegetable origin, Sunflower oil and D-Panthenol provide hydration and nutrition for softer skin.

Usage Tips:

Apply twice a day for 2 months for an intensive skin care program and once a day as part of a beauty maintenance routine.

Spread a small amount of product on both hands. 
With the right hand, apply the cream to the left side of the neck, using circular movements. Repeat these circular movements with the left hand on the right side of the neck.

Place both hands at the base of the neck and move up towards the nape using a smoothing gesture. Repeat 3 times.

Alternatively, smooth the area under the chin and along the jawline from left to right with the right hand, then from right to left with the left hand. Repeat each movement 3 times.

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