Man Gravity Aftershave Lotion 50ml
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Man Gravity Aftershave Lotion 50ml

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Space tourism, Hollywood productions and 50 years since the moon landing – the infinite vastness and mystery of space have fascinated mankind since the beginning of time. Awaken your spirit of exploration and unquenched desire. The olfactory answer to this desire is: Tabac Man Gravity. An unmistakable fragrance for the man who knows exactly what he wants in the cosmos around him. Tabac Man Gravity envelops the discerning, down-to-earth connoisseur who radiates a very special magnetism, emphasising his masculinity.  Tabac Man represents the emotional world of fragrances encompassed by the Tabac umbrella brand. These fragrances connect men with the primal power of the elements, thus creating an inimitable vibrancy. Tabac Man Gravity plays with the mystical magnetism of the universe and transmits this appeal to every man. A fragrance that lets its wearer escape from everyday life and gives him an energetic and powerful boost of self-confidence and masculinity.

Mineral freshness with a unique accord

The new fragrance composition in the Tabac Man series combines enchanting woody and aromatic notes with an unexpected mineral depth. Even from the individual components of the fragrance, you can sense the unmistakable appeal held by Tabac Man Gravity: the sweet yet tart sparkle of grapefruit, the vibrant spiced notes of coriander and the exquisite geranium oil, known for its invigorating effect. The creation of the unique "stardust accord" makes it particularly special: Inspired by the scent of space, the original stardust accord consists of luminous aldehydes, metallic rose oxide, mineral evernyl and powdered musk. A fragrance that takes you on a mystical sensory journey to a distant galaxy

Top note: Lavender oil, grapefruit accord, stardust accord

Heart notes: Geranium oil, coriander seed oil, oud accords

Base note: Patchouli oil, musk, tonka beans

Tabac Man Gravity whisks the mind away to the infinite vastness of the universe. A clear mystical world in which male strength and power dominate the sense of smell thanks to aromatic and woody fragrances, expressing an incredible mineral freshness with clean nuances (aldehydic accords). The metallic notes of rose and the clarity and subtlety of musk add further fresh tones. This fragrance represents masculinity in its purest, most radiant form.

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Brand: TABAC