Eau D'ikar Eau de Toilette For Men
Sisley Paris

Eau D'ikar Eau de Toilette For Men

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A vibrant fragrance, rich in fine natural essences.

An elegantly simple, yet intricately composed fragrance. Rich in fine natural essences, it is structured around the lentisk, a Mediterranean shrub, and the island of Corsica, birthplace of the d'Ornano family.

Lentisk is present in the top, middle and base notes. The vivacity of citrus illuminates the essence of lentisk with crisp, green notes. Refined floral aromas accompany the lentisk, evoking elegance and warmth and dark woody scents emphasize its sensual character.

The bottle is a work of art, symbolizing man's desire to fly; to detach oneself from the ground in search of lightness, intensity and freedom, for an instant of elegance, the softness of wind and the ability to touch the sun. Crystalline and clear, an abstract wing and the shape of a man's torso is carved out of the glass.

Design by Bronislaw Krzysztof.

Product Style: Men
SKU: C59632348
Gender: Men
Fragrance Type: Eau de Toilette
Fragrance Sub-Family: Citrus
Fragrance Family: Fresh
Brand: Sisley Paris