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A bathroom essential, towels are as important an investment as quality linen.
From fabric to size and choosing the perfect colour, read our guide for everything you need to know in your search for the perfect set of towels. 

Cotton on to the right fabric
Egyptian cotton vs Turkish cotton – what’s the difference? One word. Absorbency. Egyptian cotton has thicker, more textured fibres which make it ultra-absorbent and soft to the touch. But, while it’ s a great choice for those who like to dry off quickly, Egyptian cotton towels also retain more water, meaning the towel itself takes longer to dry.

Turkish cotton, on the other hand, dries much quicker – the perfect choice for those living in warmer climates – and boasts long, strong fibres that lend a certain smooth texture to the towel (meaning no “fuzz”). 

Size matters
From wash cloths (30cm x 30cm) to hand towels (50cm x 90cm) to bath sheets (90cm x 150cm), towels come in a variety of sizes. When shopping for towels, make sure you choose one that is fit for purpose – or buy the whole set! If you’re in the market for a bath towel, the standard size is 70cm x 140cm – but you might want to consider an oversized option, or bath sheet for that extra level of comfort (and coverage), particularly if you’re tall!

Weigh up your options
What’s better than wrapping yourself in a soft, fluffy towel as you step out the bath? For ultra-comfort, look at the weight of your towel set – the heavier the weight, the softer and more absorbent the towel.  The thickness of a towel is measured in Grams per Square Metre (GSM) and a general rule of thumb is to choose a bath towel between 600 and 900 GSM, which is dense and absorbent. If you’re in search of something more lightweight for the gym, you can opt for a lower GSM of 300-400.

Pick your colour
While there is nothing quite like a crisp white towel, these do tend to show up dirt and stains a lot quicker – think make-up marks and kids’ muddy feet. Darker hues such as grey are not only on trend, but are practical too. Of course, you could vary your colours, opting for white bath sheets for guests and darker shades for everyday use.

Handle with care
Part of choosing a good quality towel, is checking and following the care instructions carefully. Before using your towels, wash them once to help set their colour, improve absorbency and reduce any lint. Interesting to note: fabric softeners can leave residue and create stiff texture, so use sparingly or not at all.