SPOTLIGHT ON EDGARS | You and your jeans friends for life
Dress them up, dress them down, change styles as you grow, but definitely keep your old pair. Denim is enduring in every way. Your favourite pair of jeans will last a lifetime, they will change as you change, fade a little, fray a little, soften a little and undeniably, develop character. They will lie in the cupboard for a year or more as you sport a new pair, the latest style, a new fashion, but one day you'll come across them, fond memories will flood over you, and you will try to wear them again.
Jeans were born in Genoa and found their way into American culture towards the late 1800s when the now famous Levi Strauss moved there from Germany during the California Gold Rush and started a wholesale business. In response to a prospector's request for a pair of strong, durable pants, he designed his first pair of jeans. Soon more gold prospectors, cowboys and other working men in need of a rugged pair of pants to suit their rugged lifestyles were demanding Strauss' jeans, and the company flourished.

A tailor by the name of Jacob Davis found that metal rivets made jeans even stronger by reinforcing weak points in the fabric. Since he couldn't afford to patent his invention, he contacted Strauss, his fabric supplier, and so riveted jeans were patented under the name Levi's. This addition to the garments became a standard feature, and along with the threading and indigo colour, added to the distinct look of the denims.

Marlon Brando and James Dean made jeans sexy in the 1950s, with Brando's movie The Wild One and Dean's Rebel Without a Cause. Blue jeans became a symbol of rebellion and were even banned in some schools and public places. But by the 1970s denim jeans were a fashion staple and both men and women were wearing them with flair all over the world.

Today there is a multitude of brands, colours and styles to choose from and rare is the person who does not own at least one pair of jeans. They're the ultimate versatile fashion item and the right fit can hide any number of flaws. Whether you love designer labels with bling or revel in the grungy look of well-worn denim; whether you're 8 or 88, prefer a bootleg or a boyfriend cut, a straight leg or a skinny; with all your favourite brands such as Kelso, Sissy Boy, Guess, Free2BU, Amali and Levi's, you'll find your lifetime companion pair of jeans at Edgars.